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Adrian Dawson


When Jack Bernstein's prodigal daughter Lara is killed as a result of the bombing of flight 320, the chess grandmaster is completely unaware that the flight was downed for one reason… to stop his daughter coming home.

Having been summoned via a strangely coded message to a meeting with a man referring to himself only as 'Simon', Jack is made aware that his daughter was leaving a lot more than her new life behind. She was also leaving a secret… one that has been building for centuries and one which a global group of corporations will stop at nothing to protect. It soon becomes apparent that Lara Bernstein's new life was no accident. Lara was selected to become part of an ever-expanding belief and her selection was a direct result of her father's company's near-perfection of the one thing they need - true artificial intelligence, computer systems capable of cracking the most complex codal system known to man.

Slowly, Jack Bernstein is being drawn into a global game of chess in which he has been an unwitting pawn for over a decade. To keep him in the game they have already killed his wife and now his daughter. When the game is over, they will kill a whole lot more unless Jack can find the one thing he doesn't believe exists.

Available now in eBook format and available as an Original Paperback from 2 December 2010. To pre-order your copy direct from Last Passage please see our order guidelines.

Want to know more? Check out Codex Unlocked from insights into the book, research and much much more!

Codex was described as "A classy, compelling and intelligent thriller" by the bookbag. You can read the review here.


Adrian Dawson


A naked male, dead in an alleyway with bullets that don't make sense. A note, written in 13th Century Latin secreted about his person along with the name and room number of an autistic mental patient. Fingerprints burned away and tattoos completely removed. Of all the possible duties, the last task LAPD detective Nick Lambert wanted was the drive to Oakdene to interview the girl. It gets much worse when he discovers that as well as being autistic, she's also mute.

But when an off-hand comment from the nurse piques Nick's attention, he can't help but follow the lead. What he finds will turn his entire world - his entire existence - upside down. Clues to the location of valuable stone tablets, the only tablets described in Exodus as being 'written by the hand of God'.

These are not the Ten Commandments… these are ALL the commandments, and Nick suddenly finds himself at the heart of a centuries old struggle to find, and hide, the kind of extremely valuable information that mankind was never meant to possess.

It is only when Nick realises that he was a key player in the game long before it started, and that he will be a key player long after it is over, will he discover the true importance of those around him. Nick has inadvertently stumbled into the most important human being who has ever lived. One who will not only change the world once, but will do it over and over again.

He will discover many things about the girl. What she has to hide is the most important thing of all.

Available in eBook format and Hardback from Spring 2011.