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Adrian Dawson

Adrian Dawson was born in Yorkshire in 1971 and attended Fulneck School in Pudsey from the age of eight to sixteen years old.

With strong interests in science, art, literature and music he chose to follow the artistic path, ultimately becoming a graphic designer at a number of Leeds-based Advertising Agencies. At the age of 23 Adrian formed his own Agency, specialising in high end computer graphics. Writing in his spare time, he submitted his first Novel "Codex" in 1999 which was picked up and represented by Christopher Little Literary Agency for almost a year.

One publisher's reply to CLLA's submission stated that most readers would turn to non-fiction rather than fiction for such subject matter. Despite his assertion, that self-same individual was then thanked personally on the dust jacket of Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" just 18 months later. Despite there being no link in character or storyline, merely in subject matter, the hype surrounding Dan Brown's release effectively left "Codex" dead in the water. So, whilst continuing the day job, Adrian devised and wrote "Sequence" - a complex novel of the quest to locate and re-hide one of mankind's greatest treasures.

Adrian lives in Nottinghamshire with his girlfriend, son and three Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. He runs a number of companies in the Creative Industries and still listens to way too much 80s Rock Music.

As a Creative Director by day, Adrian still designs and creates his own book and short story covers.

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Adrian Dawson Adrian Dawson at BEA2010

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