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Welcome to Last Passage, the new home for innovative technological fiction.

dealing exclusively in the highest quality Techno-Thrillers, Scientific Fiction, Science Fiction, Religious Thrillers and Horror Stories, Last Passage is the new home for writing scripted to make you think.

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Opening for business in 2010, our first Author signing was Adrian Dawson, we have a couple of new authors in the pipelines, and we will announce them as soon as the ink is dried on the contract.

Last Passage is a Member of the IPG (Independent Publishing Guild). We aim to provide first class novels within own chosen genres. As well as the more traditional route of publishing in print, Last Passage also pubslish in eBook format. To ensure that we make the most of every platform we produce individual files for each eBook format. However, we are not creating "wannabe" aps - we do not insert videos, interviews or images not relevant to the story being time you will be able to access that information either here, or on the individual author's website/blog. Rather we add little touches to the books that enhance the reading experience of what is still intrinsically a book.

We welcome submissions from all authors, both unpublished and previously published, who write in our chosen genres.

If you would like to submit your typescript, please follow the submissions guidelines.

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