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Welcome to Last Passage, the new home for innovative technological fiction.

dealing exclusively in the highest quality Techno-Thrillers, Scientific Fiction, Science Fiction, Religious Thrillers and Horror Stories, Last Passage is the new home for writing scripted to make you think.

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From Short Stories to Full Length Novels, Last Passage feeds your desire for the kind of imaginative storytelling which blurs the line between fact and fiction, the real and the unreal. All novels and short stories hosted on the site come with FREE sample chapters to whet your appetite, whether in downloadable PDF format or in the form of Kindle or Sony Reader Samples. For the digital versions, if you're gripped by what you've read so far, all you have to pay for is the final section - the Last Passage!

Over the next few months there will be a host of new and enthralling stories appearing online, including some reflections of those who are dead - but perhaps don't yet know it yet, a magical disk which has shaped the world we live in and now seems destined to follow an eternal loop of damnation and the story of a man who likes to keep his memories just a little too close to home.

Adrian Dawson at BEA2010 Adrian Dawson at BEA2010

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